Democratic Super PAC Relaunches Ad Starring Cedric The Entertainer “Roasting” Herschel Walker

Los Angeles, CA — Coming off victories in 9 of 11 competitive races on November 8, including major congressional upsets in NM-02 and OH-01, millennial run Super PAC Progress Action Fund relaunched its ad where iconic actor & comedian Cedric the Entertainer roasts Georgia Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker. In the roast, which is part of a new 6-figure ad buy that will run on online platforms and on connected TVs in Georgia for the December 6 Senate runoffs, Cedric states “…life is like a box of chocolates. Well, ‘Hershey’s’ Walker is one of these chocolates that you don’t want.”

“The problems we face today are too grave for America to have someone as ignorant as Herschel Walker in the Senate,” said Joe Jacobson, Founder & Executive Director of the Progress Action Fund.

“Given Herschel Walker doesn’t know how it’s possible for humans to have evolved from apes since Earth still has apes, elementary school is much more suitable for Walker’s skillset than the United States Senate.”

The ad, which was previously released in September for the November 8 midterms, received widespread media coverage, including from MSNBC, where it garnered praise from panelists who have expertise in engaging black male voters:

September Media Roundup

MSNBC’s The Cross Connection With Tiffany Cross

Deadline: Cedric The Entertainer Roasts Herschel Walker & His Senate Bid: “We Don’t Need To Add No More Crazy To That Mix

In a new 90-second ad for the Progress Action Fund, the star of CBS’ The Neighborhood takes aim at the Georgia football legend who Trump is supporting in his run for one of the state’s U.S. Senate seats.

“We got big election stuff coming up right now. I need everybody to get involved,” Cedric says in the spot. “We got to stop; we got to fight against the ignorance that’s going on out there, especially in the state of Georgia. Lord, you know they said life is like a box of chocolates? Well, Hershey’s Walker is one of these chocolates that you don’t want. You know the ones where you get a box of chocolates and you, like, [gagging]? That’s him. I mean, the man is ridiculous, dog.”

Washington Examiner: Cedric the Entertainer hits Herschel Walker in new attack ad

Herschel Walker faced an attack from an unlikely source Thursday as Cedric the Entertainer roasted Georgia’s Republican Senate nominee with an ad looking to boost Democrats’ odds in the crucial race.

“I mean, some of the stuff he is saying — we just got to be very concerned about the educational system, one. Two: We already got senators that’s, like, you know, Marjorie Taylor, that’s crazier than a mug. We don’t need to add no more crazy to that mix, you hear me? Especially not this, not with the haircut and the extra muscles. I think he on creatine. I think he still from back in the day when they was shooting stuff up and trying to put in they muscles. Something going on where it turned off a switch,” he continues.

The Root: Cedric The Entertainer Goes At Herschel Walker in New Political Ad

Comedian Cedric The Entertainer is appearing in a new political in which he mocks Georgia Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker as crazy, on creatine and kinda like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates.

In almost any other circumstance, it’s likely Walker’s candidacy would likely be a punchline: he’s spent most of the campaign making baffling statements about race, the environment, the economy and other issues. His incoherence hasn’t hurt him among the Republican base in Georgia—he’s managed to make the race close to a dead heat, depending on what polls you look at. Polls, though, can’t stop you from being roasted by a former member of the Kings of Comedy crew.


Progress Action Fund (PAF) is a Democratic Super PAC specializing in hard-hitting accountability ads against Republicans. In 2020, PAF’s viral ad exposed Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue for investing in body bags. PAF ads have gained coverage this cycle from The Atlanta Journal Constitution for highlighting Herschel Walker’s history of domestic abuse and from Newsweek for “Republicans in Your Bedroom” an ad highlighting the GOP’s plans to ban birth control. David Catanese of McClatchy DC and the Washingtonian called the 30-second hit against Walker “the most vicious ad I’ve witnessed this cycle.”