2023 + 2024 Races

"Keep Republicans
Out Of Your Bedroom"

In 2023, we released “Keep Republicans Out Of Your Bedroom” for the Ohio ballot measure to enshrine Roe v. Wade into the state constitution. The ad had at least 32.6 million organic views and received widespread praise and coverage, such as from MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, on local TV stations across Ohio, and during the televised debate. We also released “Republicans Watching Your Daughter,” which was highlighted by The Washington Post as one of the most influential ads for the Nov. 7 elections, leading to decisive victories in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

For 2024, we’ll start running ads early in the cycle to help set the narrative of the elections. We’ll run our viral ads in states President Biden must win that also have competitive House & Senate races (e.g., AZ & PA). In these toss-up states, we’ll focus on persuading independent voters and turning out Democrats to vote, as low turnout in 2016 greatly contributed to Trump’s victory.