PAF in NewsOne: Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Accused Of Receiving $1 Million From ‘Segregationists’ Schools In New Political Ad

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The midterm elections are coming up this November and the gloves are off in the world of politics—particularly in Georgia. Just Wednesday we reported about a group of anti-Trump Republicans running an ad attacking Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker by bringing up past domestic violence allegations, which prompted Walker to put out a video attacking Sen. Raphael Warnock despite him having nothing to do with the ad.

So, basically, we have a Royal Rumble of political mud-slinging going on in the Peach State, and—well—DON’T THINK WE FORGOT ABOUT YOU, BRIAN KEMP!!

On Thursday, the Democratic Super PAC Progress Action Fund launched its new ad blasting the good Governor titled, “Brian Kemp: Right for Segregationists. Wrong for Georgia.” According to a press release sent to NewsOne, the ad aims to expose “Kemp’s unreported ties to segregated schools.”

“The ad attacks Kemp for receiving over $1 million from leaders of segregated schools and ‘segregation academies,’ including from his alma mater Athens Academy, and for promoting policies that benefit these schools,” the press release reads. “The ad is part of a six-figure buy that will run on streaming services, connected TVs, and online platforms.”

I mean, if this is true, literally none of it should surprise anyone coming from the governor of segregating Black votes from existence and the guy who signed what was essentially a voter suppression bill with a plantation painting hanging over his head.

Still, before rushing to judgment, we should probably look a little deeper into what the governor of making it easier to carry a gun in Georgia than it is to vote.

From the press release:

Segregation academies were founded after Brown v. Board of Education so wealthy, Caucasian parents would not have to send their children to desegregated public schools. Segregation academies are still highly segregated, as while Black students compose 41% of the public school district population where the segregation academies tied to Kemp are located, the academies are only 4% Black on average. Kemp also attended a segregation academy, Athens Academy, and has taken $370,000 from trustees and leaders of the school. Athens Academy, where Kemp met his wife and sends his children to school, has a 5% Black population, compared to 48.5% Black in the surrounding public school district.

Kemp’s campaigns have also received $157,000 from the founders of Lake Oconee Academy (LOA), a nationally infamous segregated charter school. The school was created so those who bought property from the founders’ luxury development company, Reynolds Plantation, would have their own school. The school board, which is backed by the Reynolds family, has closed down two of the five majority Black public schools in LOA’s district and has issued $31 million in local bonds so LOA could take more taxpayer dollars. LOA’s black population is 11%, while the black population in the surrounding public schools district is 68%.

Welp, it looks like the governor of compromising Atlanta’s music festivals with his stupid-a** gun laws has plenty to answer for.

Meanwhile, his gubernatorial opponent Stacey Abrams seems poised and ready for election season.

Just sayin’.

By Zach Linly

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