PAF in The American Independent: Democratic group releases abortion rights ad targeting Pennsylvania Republicans.

The American Independent
The American Independent

Progress Action Fund, a Democratic group that creates ads targeting Republican lawmakers and candidates in swing districts, has launched a new pro-abortion rights ad in Pennsylvania.

The ad, titled “Republicans Watching Your Daughter,” depicts a desperate father begging a doctor and a Republican member of Congress to explain why his 12-year-old daughter, a rape survivor, is unable to obtain abortion care.

“They’ll put us all in prison if we do the procedure,” the doctor tells the father. A second man appears and says: “I’m your Republican congressman. We banned abortion. No exceptions. … I won the last election, so it’s my decision. I’m just going to watch your daughter and make sure she doesn’t do anything illegal.”

Progress Action Fund is running the ad in Pennsylvania with an eye on this year’s Nov. 7 election for an open seat on the state Supreme Court. The Democrats currently hold a 4-2 majority on the court.

Carolyn Carluccio, a Republican, will face Democratic candidate Daniel McCaffery, an appellate court judge from Philadelphia who recently garnered an endorsement from Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates.

Politico reports that McCaffery said of abortion in an interview: “It’s pretty clear from a personal standpoint that I believe those particular issues are best decided between a woman, her conscience, and her doctor.” He added that he would fully support Pennsylvania’s existing law, which allows for abortion care up to 24 weeks of pregnancy.

By Rebekah Sager 

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