PAF in The Messenger: Dem Super PAC Hits GOP on Obamacare in Special Election to Replace Santos

The Messenger

Progress Action Fund, a Democratic political action committee, is taking aim at Obamacare as New York prepares for a special election to replace ousted Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y.

The 29-second ad, first reported by The Hill, is titled “Keep Republicans Out Of Your Hospital.” It features a patient in need of life-saving care, but is denied because Republicans have seemingly repealed Obamacare.

“Doctor, he’s flatlining,” a medical worker says in the ad. “We need to get him into surgery.”

However, the doctor’s requests are rejected by a supposed Republican congressman who says, “Sorry, you can’t do that. … Now that we’re in charge, we repealed ObamaCare, and we’re not paying for this surgery.”

As the doctor pleads with the congressman for the patient’s life, he says, “I won the last election, I’m not going anywhere.”

He then adds: “Besides, if he wanted health care, he should have been rich like me.”

The ad, which is part of a $250,000 ad buy, is set to run on TVs, streaming services and online platforms. Some other ads from Progress Action Fraud including Republicans in Your Bedroom” and “Republicans Watching Your Daughter” are also set to run in New York, according to The Hill.

The super PAC will reportedly partner with Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., to promote their message for battleground races in the 2024 election cycle.

“For this consequential election, Joe and the Progress Action Fund team have created equally hard-hitting, compelling ads. Partnering to promote these types of ads will ensure we communicate to voters exactly what’s at stake and what we must all do,” Swalwell said in a statement.

New York’s 3rd Congressional District special election is on Feb. 13

By Kayla Gallagher

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