PAF in Uproxx: Cedric The Entertainer Hilariously Roasted Herschel Walker In A New Ad


If the writers of Saturday Night Live ever Frankenstein’ed a political candidate, they would probably end up sounding a lot like Herschel Walker. Even before the former NFL running back managed to secure the Republican nomination for Georgia’s Senate, his campaign has been a series of jaw-dropping moments. In between claiming that evolution isn’t real because “there are still apes” and asserting that there are 52 states in the U.S., we’ve learned about a lot of “secret children” he has fathered. Yet, just yesterday, Newsweek reported that he is at the top of the polls in Georgia — the same state that proudly claims Marjorie Taylor Greene as one of its own. But one person who isn’t a fan of the one-time football great? Cedric the Entertainer.

Earlier this week, the noted comedian held an impromptu roast of Walker, which The Washington Examiner notes was courtesy of the Progress Action Fund, a group that works to turn red states blue. As Cedric told viewers, it’s time for all of us to “fight against the ignorance that’s going on out there, especially in the state of Georgia.” He was only just getting started:

Lord, you know they said ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’? Well, Hershey’s Walker is one of these chocolates that you don’t want. You know the ones where you get a box of chocolates and you be, like, [gagging]? That’s him.

But Ced wasn’t all jokes. Referencing some of the more ludicrous (and outright incorrect) statements Walker has made, Cedric noted that “we just gotta be very concerned about the educational system, one.” He also noted that we’ve already got politicians like Marjorie Taylor Greene — who’s “crazier than a mug” — running around out there, and “we don’t need to add no more crazy to that mix, you hear me? Especially not with the haircut and the extra muscles.”

Cedric went on to list some of Walker’s more bonkers theories, including the evolution bit and his whole bit about our “bad air.”

“What, bruh?,” Cedric asked. “I don’t know what this man’s talking about. Guys: We gotta defeat him, we gotta beat him. We gotta STOP him!”

By Jennifer Wood

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