PAF in Washington Examiner: Cedric the Entertainer hits Herschel Walker in new attack ad

Washington Examiner
Washington Examiner

Herschel Walker faced an attack from an unlikely source Thursday as Cedric the Entertainer roasted Georgia’s Republican Senate nominee with an ad looking to boost Democrats’ odds in the crucial race.

The 90-second spot, put out by the Progress Action Fund, takes aim at the Georgia Republican’s gaffes and controversial statements since launching his bid for the upper chamber, with a 30-second video also set to be released on digital platforms.

“We got big election stuff coming up right now. I need everybody to get involved. We got to stop; we got to fight against the ignorance that’s going on out there, especially in the state of Georgia. Lord, you know they said life is like a box of chocolates,” he says in the clip. “Well, Hershey’s Walker is one of these chocolates that you don’t want. You know the ones where you get a box of chocolates and you, like, [gagging]? That’s him. I mean, the man is ridiculous, dog.”

The Barbershop star went on to liken him to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and took a jab at the former NFL star’s comments on evolution and climate change. 

“I mean, some of the stuff he is saying — we just got to be very concerned about the educational system, one. Two: We already got senators that’s, like, you know, Marjorie Taylor, that’s crazier than a mug. We don’t need to add no more crazy to that mix, you hear me? Especially not this, not with the haircut and the extra muscles. I think he on creatine. I think he still from back in the day when they was shooting stuff up and trying to put in they muscles. Something going on where it turned off a switch,” he continues.

“I mean, the man talking about ‘If humans are from apes, why do we still got apes?’ What, Herschel Walker? Come on, man. ‘You know, our bad air floated over to China and mixed with they good air and turned in — it was a recycling air situation.’ What, bruh? I don’t know what this man talking about! Guys, we got to defeat him, got to beat him — we got to stop him! Y’all know what it is. Let’s go! Let’s get involved,” he concludes.

The actor’s decision to wade into the race comes as polls show Walker in a neck-and-neck battle against Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA), with the state expected to play a key role in determining which party holds control of the upper chamber.

The Cook Political Report has rated the race a “toss-up.”

By Juliegrace Brufke

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